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Bodywork Sessions

One Way Touch

I perform all of my work fully clothed and all of my sessions are one way touch (from me to you). While I appreciate that many tantric practitioners use interactive work to support erotic communication, my work facilitates your communication with yourself, with your body and the erotic energy moving through it.

Put another way, my sessions focus on getting you “out of your mind” and “into your body”.

Many of us live most of our day in our minds and have forgotten what it feels like to listen to our body. As we tune out of our body we also limit the pleasure, knowledge and wisdom that the body has to share with us.

Likewise the shame attached to masturbation means that many of us only know what erotic energy feels like when we are with a partner. The attention we pay to reciprocating pleasure often means that we limit our ability to receive pleasure.

By keeping the session one way touch, you can focus on listening to your body and savoring the pleasure erotic energy has to offer. Moreover, by receiving erotic touch from another with no need to reciprocate, you have an opportunity to expand your erotic repertoire.

Session Design

All bodywork sessions are designed in partnership with the client according to their need. I offer formatted bodywork sessions to make choosing easier but what is available is not limited to the menu items.

Pre-set Sessions

I offer a variety of hands-on services and sessions, including full body erotic massages, Taoist erotic massage (incorporating a semen retention practice), external anal massage, prostate massage, breast massage, yoni and/or g-spot massage.  These are generally one on one sessions, although I do offer partner sessions where one partner receives a session from me and the other observes.

Hands-on Sessions for Couples

I also offer hands-on coaching sessions for couples wanting to learn new hands-on methods and approaches to touch.   I can teach you safe and pleasurable ways to offer an erotic massage, explore a new area (for e.g. non painful anal play!) , or  learn alternative forms of touch in a familiar area (e.g. ten new ways to touch, massage or arouse your partner’s yoni) .

Hands-on Somatic Coaching Sessions

This kind of hands-on work can be done while the client is fully clothed and may or may not involve being on the massage table. I have a set of tools and games we can use to explore or experiment with touch as a way to identify and explore the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of  the touch experience (these sessions can involve sexual touch or not – it’s your choice based on your comfort level and what you are looking to explore).

It could be that we use touch to deepen your somatic experience (knowing how to be with and understand your body sensations), free up your breathing or revitalize an area of numbness or restriction that is getting in the way of sexual enjoyment. Somatic games and experiments can also offer clues to the elements involved in your interactions with others (sexual or not) .

The more you are able to paint a holistic picture of your erotic life, the more we are able to de-mystify, heal or deepen your intimate and sexual experiences.  Often people come to me looking to improve their sex life through learning more sexual or touch skills when in fact what is in the way of enjoyable sex is an unresolved emotional issue, a belief that limits exploration (good girls don’t do that, or if I like that it means I’m….), or a need to upgrade communication skills (can you give me more or this or less of that?). Somatic coaching sessions helps to uncover what might be calling you forward or holding you back in your erotic evolution.  Somatic coaching sessions can also offer body-based tools to help you improve nonverbal interactions with others, clarify your personal boundaries (learning about the body’s way of saying YES or NO), make requests and give and receive in a healthy way.

Alcohol and Drug Use

Please refrain from alcohol or drugs prior to our appointment. If you arrive under the influence, the session will be cancelled and your booking deposit will be forfeited. I will not work on anyone in a diminished state of consciousness or body awareness.

Shower Services

Shower services are available but please let me know ahead of time that you plan to use the services so I can ensure there is sufficient transfer time between clients.

Environmental Sensitivities

My space is feline friendly and could pose problems for people with animal allergies.

I often incorporate essential oils in my sessions. I understand that this may cause problems for people with environmental sensitivities, and can refrain from this activity, if you let me know beforehand.

Massage Products in Use 

I use Biotone advanced therapy gel and holly oil for basic massage.

For genital massage with women, I use water based, non-glycerine lubricant.

For genital massage with men, I use a locally produced, non-scented lotion.

For prostate/anal massage I use one of two products designed for anal play: Boy Butter, a water based lubricant and/or a petroleum based cream called Elbow Grease (not for use with latex gloves).

The oil and cream products should not pose problems for people with sensitivities. If you are allergic to latex gloves and have booked an anal or yoni healing session, please let me know beforehand so I can ensure I have vinyl gloves on hand.

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